Santa Ana sucker fish recovery plan approved by U.S. Fish and Wildlife (March 14, 2017). A plan that will serve as a roadmap for the population restoration of federally endangered Santa Ana sucker has been approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency announced this week...READ MORE

Endangered Santa Ana River fish to get new homes (May 1, 2016). The rushing sound of the mountain stream calls from a distance. After a few dozen yards of boulder scrambling, the clarity of the water is startling as it washes over rocks so clean they look as though they have been scrubbed...READ MORE

Clean water versus the sucker fish: Drought creates a bizarre dilemma (February 26, 2016).  The California drought has created many oddities over the last few years but none as bizarre as a scene that unfolds regularly on a tributary of the Santa Ana River... READ MORE

Fight to save Santa Ana sucker puts strain on water (July 28, 2015). A rare fish that lives in the Santa Ana River has been fighting off extinction for decades. The Santa Ana sucker is a bottom-feeder, and it's at the center of a fight involving two cities, 10 water agencies and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service...READ MORE 

Struggle to save endangered Santa Ana sucker may reach U.S. Supreme Court (July 27, 2015).  A 20-year struggle to protect a rare bottom-feeding fish from extinction appears headed toward resolution as Inland Empire cities and water agencies are asking the court of last resort to intervene...READ MORE

Inland Empire water agencies pool resources to save Santa Ana sucker (March 7, 2015). As the morning light gently shines through brush, illuminating some sections of the Santa Ana River, biologists representing a consortium of water agencies slowly wade through the gently flowing waterway... READ MORE